Hi there.

Me in a nutshell, lipstick and jewelry galore ; )

This is me.

I don’t really know what else to say about me, because somehow (even though, in theory, you should be the best equipped to do so) talking about yourself is the hardest thing to do. It feels wrong and arrogant and just a wee bit egotistical so I usually try to steer clear of it, but… I know when I am on a blog, I automatically beeline to the “About me” portion or their earlier posts so that I can get to know the blogger. My family tells me i’m nosy, but I don’t know about that… ; )  So, since I so regularly gorge on others personal lives, I thought I’d give back a little and do the same.

This is my story.

It all started here. A public university where the frat boys and soror girls run rampant. I never thought I would end up in a place like this, but I did. And somehow, it has has led to some of the best experiences of my young life.

Because I met her (and a whole bunch of other crazy people I call my friends). She’s my ultimate partner in crime on this campus who became my business partner in crime as well! ; D We both share this crazy love for jewelry!!!

I wanted these sooo bad!

So, one cold autumn evening when I really should have been studying, I was window shopping. (bad habit, I know. The little monster above got me hooked on it!) And I found this site, and the above earrings. I wanted them. They cost $60. Hold up…what!?!

I was broke as hell so that was out of the question. But, then I turn around and decide to blow $60. What the hell, you know, you only live once. Wanna know what I blew $60 on? Supplies. Supplies to make my own feather earrings.

Consequently, this was also the night I became hooked on ebay bidding wars!

That night, I had a panic attack. I was broke and had just dropped a fat wad of cash on a whim (oh shit, what will my parents think). What was I thinking!?!?

The earrings above were designed by Camille Peace of Peace Images. She really is one of the baddest chicks around and y’all should check out more of her stuff here

This is what I was thinking. These scrappy looking little darlings were my first babies. I loved them, nurtured them, wore ’em around town like a proud mama!

Now what to do with the extra supplies…?

Why make more earrings and sell ’em to get my money back out of it, of course! And somehow, Yadumu Jewelry was born.

Along the way, my jewelry business turned into our jewelry business. I think it happened through some strange process of osmosis because really Yadumu was never just been my baby, it has always been Doneri’s too. There was no awkward proceeding of asking her to join on and see if she’s interested. Nope, not at all. One day, we woke up and she was like, okay so what jewelry do we need to make next? No questions asked. Life just happens that way sometimes.

So now this is us. We’ve grown a lot in the past year, both as designers and business women. Our designs have gotten stronger (and so have our photos) as well as our drive and dedication to our brand.

Our first year was all about trial and error, and getting our feet off the ground. But this upcoming year is sure to be a year filled with growth, adventures, and a hell of a lot of craziness.

This is why I decided to start this blog. I want to share all of our experiences in the coming months, maybe even years, and document every part of this wild ride!




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