It’s about now, that I’ve realized that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. Sad, really because it  was a great outfit, lots of cheetah print and high waisted skirts, oh my! : (

It looked kinda like a a cross between this skirt…

Shirley of Meek N Mild


And this shirt

And this ass, cause I’ve got a whole lot more curves than this chica above me and possibly this chica below me too ; )


So what my outfit looked like aside, today was actually a pretty productive day. I visited a potential stockist and met it’s lovely owner Kim She’s from Chicago y’all!! I swear it was meant to be!! I’ll fill y’all in on the boutique a little more later on ; ). Filling orders took up another good chunk of my day and the icing to top off this day was letting my permit toting brother scratch my car… ; ( I really should have been paying better attention, but hey, what’s done is done….


So in the spirit of trying not to dwell on bad things, let’s focus on these lovely neck candies. This is a little sneak peak of what’s to come in our Fall/Winter lineup. I’m really excited for these little guys. They’re so much fun to make!


These vials come in all shapes and sizes!

Interested? Message us at yadumu@gmail.com. These candies are fully customizable and the perfect accessory for fall. : D


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