Busy Bee part 2

Okay, so here’s the rest of the goods.

Isn’t it beautiful!! It’s Yadumu Jewelry’s display at the boutique Jeans, Jackets, and Jewels.

And here’s another shot of the boutique. It really is an amazing boutique, ran by this amazing chica below this.

This is Kim, the owner. I’ve mentioned her in a previous post because she’s from Chicago!!! She graduated from Columbia College and everything too, so I had a feeling from the start that this would be a wonderful match and so far it is!!

These are some of the candies I hand delivered to la boutique. They were all made with crazy amounts of love, and I can’t wait for each and every one of them to go home with new adoring owners. Cause I know I adore them and just want to spread the joy of some good old fashioned jewel candies.

p.s. Did I mention that I’m stoopid tired, so excuse any of the soppy writing or poor grammar…

g’night chickadees ; D


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