B-Day/ Labour Day BBQ

Yeah, I’m about to turn 20 and I’m celebrating it with my family. Don’t judge. ; )

Especially when I get to spend it with this little cutie.

This little bugger never stays still long enough for me to get a clear pic of him!

And these little snots! : D Honestly, I’m not really a kid person, but if we share blood, or you just happen to have to wormed your way into my heart (i.e. Justin) then I looovvvee spending the day playing around with you and am more than happy to spend my birthday party doing so. I’m just a big kid at heart afterall. ; D

Just a quick outfit post taken in my backyard. Taken by the 9 yr. old, talented Ms. Sass herself  ; D! I ended up taking the skirt off right after this pic so that I could eat dessert and have more room to expand (if you know what I mean ; ) 

And P.S. Yes, I will be having a grown up version of this party next week when I’m back on campus. Whoop whoop! Get ready for it!! ; D




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