Random moments of inspiration

I’ve just finished my first week of classes and I’m feeling a little ehck…. je ne sais pas. I just can’t explain it-I’m excited and nervous, and anxious and bummed. But I guess these feelings aren’t so unusual, I’m sure every student goes through this at the beginning of each school year.

I’m sitting at my work table looking through this window and feeling like a bum as I fill some orders.

This is what prompted me to snap a couple pictures to capture the moment. I was really drawn to the way the light was illuminating my work space and I hope they inspire you too…

Doneri and I just started this. We decided to fill a wall with all the things that make us feel inspired. This is an ongoing project, so stay tuned for more updates on the wall’s progress!

Hope classes and most importantly life are going well for y’all.

Taylor : D


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