I’m Not Dead, Just Insane

Let me just start out by saying that yes, I know I am the world’s worst blogger. I hadn’t realized that I’ve been neglecting this blog for well over 5 months. That’s almost half a year-Yikes! Buuuut, I haven’t been completely idle in the blogging world. Yadumu’s blog has officially been up and running now for over a month. Check it out here! And, in more personal news I’ve decided to get healthy. A combination of 2011 and just college in general had me wreaking havoc on my body and it was getting pretty bad so I decided to make a change. Check it out below.

As embarrassed as I am to post these pictures, I’m just as proud. The pictures above are from 1 week of flushing out my system with no carbs and no sugar and then followed by 2 weeks of Insanity. If you don’t know what Insanity is, it’s insane and insane-er than any other workout I’ve ever tried before. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get your ass kicked, I suggest you go for it.

If you need anymore encouragement, here is what I look like now at Week 5!

I’ve lost over 5 inches from around my waist, 4 inches from my hips, a couple inches off my thighs and sadly a couple of inches off my bust…. All in all, I feel a lot stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic though. I’m sleeping a lot better, my skin is looking a lot happier and I don’t get that midday sluggish feeling that I used to be plagued with. It’s fantastic!

This all leads me to my next point. I’m about to become a hippie. Straight up-no deodorant wearing, long hair don’t care, communing with nature hippie. Since the beginning of the year I have been weening myself off all chemicals, preservatives, and other ick items that tend to crop up in our daily lives. This means, all natural shampoo, homemade yogurt and mayo, and homemade face wash. Going off this, I decided to use this blog to record the process and share my knowledge. A lot of people have been asking about mine and my roommate’s routines so why not share it somewhere for the general public to see.

Anyways, to kick it off, in the next post I’m going to share a recipe for the World’s Easiest Face Wash. A lot of my friends have been asking me about what I use to wash my face-apparently my skin’s been glowing lately, can you imagine- so I decided to put together a tutorial. Check it out in the next post.

Finally, if Insanity weren’t enough for y’all. I’m training for Tough Mudder. It’s Insanity on crack set to a 12 mile obstacle course. Crazy right!?! But, watch the video below, it always gets me so hyped!


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