Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

So, I started a vlog to talk about everything from my style to photography and druuuuuuum roll please; SEX! Every Friday I’m going to release an episode on my Youtube Channel talking about the non-traditional sides of sexuality, sex, and other such goodies. Are you excited, cause I’m excited!!! Sooo excited. But just wanted to update and also let you know that 30 Days of Breakfast has not been abandoned. I just lost the where abouts of all the pictures for them on my computer and am swimming through thousands of photos to find them.
Peace and Love!


The 5 Best Things About This Week

I like to think of myself as a generally optimistic person so to celebrate this beautiful summer weather I wanted to start up this weekly roundup of the amazing people/opportunities/events/things that make me happy. When I was more active with my journaling, I used to write out this list every week, but I like the idea of blogging it better. I can put up pictures ; D! Anyway, here are the best things about my first week of summer.

  1. I GOT A KITTY!!!! His name is Smokey Robinson and all of us in the Yadumu Lair are already hopelessly in love with him.


2.     I made and sold my first dress design! It took nearly 30 hours but it was definitely a labour of love and I am so excited to know that my friend has been strutting her stuff in my dress all around Spain, (she’s studying abroad there this summer-so geeked for her!) If you’re interested in getting a dress of your own or want any item of clothes designed, message me up on the Yadumu FB page or at



3. I got the opportunity to assist an amazing local photographer and gained a new mentor. Her name is Ashley Ervin and she has become my #1 resource and connection into the Columbus’ fashion photography world. She started out in the industry as a plus-size model and made the transition to photography a few years ago. Please check out her work here, she’s amazing! Check out some behind the scenes pics. We had such a blast. and the couple she shot were beautiful together.




4.  GIRLS NIGHT IN becomes GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Made some new friends and chilled out at a house party. It was a pretty good night ; )





5. And finally, this last one is really random and silly, but it makes me happy. My business partner now gets 15% off at Michael’s because she’s a teaching intern for Freedom School. Hell yes! We’re in Michael’s all the time because of our jewelry business so this bit of news is epic! …for us at least, haha.

What are some things that made your week the best week ever?

Hi My Name is…

Whenever I find a new blog, I always bounce straight to their About Me section. I don’t know what it is (my mother says I’m too nosy), but I like getting a sense of the person behind the blog. Maybe it’s because I’m reading into their personal lives so I want a first date before we begin our official social media relationship. Who knows? All I know is that after reviewing my current About Me page, I realized it:

A)     came off sounding a little lackluster, and;

B)     I sound like some pretentious philosophical hipster (not that there’s anything wrong with being a hipster, mind you);

C)      And finally, it tells you nothing about me…

So on that note, I decided to let you guys in on five fun/random/interesting facts about myself.


First of all: Hi, My name is Taylor but I much rather prefer to go by Kalhu (shhh, she’s my femme-bitch online alter ego, lol)

And here are 5 fun facts about me….

1) I’ m a Uni student, currently studying Africana Studies and International Relations and Diplomacy. So far from the arts right? (But back in the day, I used to be an art major though).

2) I spent the majority of my childhood in Germany but I’ve lived everywhere from Florida to Oregon. 15ish different moves to over 12 states and countries and I’m only 20. I feel so blessed!

* fun fact, I grew up in a town called Angerbenden. It literally translates to angry elbow : D

3)  I LOOOOVE JEWELRY! I don’t know if that conveys the depths of my adoration, but I cannot go without jewelry. If I ever leave my house without, at least, a pair of earrings on all of my friends will give me the side eye and put a wide berth around me. They already know I’m having a crappy day. But never mind that, I think that’s only happened maybe 3 times in my *kidult life. I don’t play when it comes to my jewelry. Obviously so, as evidenced by my jewelry line Yadumu Jewelry.

 *I refuse to call myself an adult yet. Sometimes I feel like Peter Pan and “never wanna grow up!”

               4) Hmm, this is getting harder and harder but I guess I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret secret. I am a die-hard foodie! I love food, especially cooking; so you’ll probably see a lot of good eats on this blog. I also have a passion for Slow Food; taking the time to appreciate real food through luscious home-cooked meals. It’s the exact opposite of Fast Food. Y’all should definitely look into it. It puts a whole different perspective on your relationship with food.


This is what I had for breakfast this morning. Homemade yogurt topped with organic honey and fresh pomegranate-yum!

5) So this is my free for all clownin’ around answer but I’m ambidextrous. I am dominant in both my hands equally. Nifty little trick, right? It especially came in handy in high school with all those long ass hand written essays teachers used to push on us. Y’all remember those, right? What a pain.

Tada! This is me in a nutshell.

Now I want to learn more about you guys. Leave a comment and tell me 5 interesting things that describe who you are!

Peace ; )

The Women’s Book

Today has been wholly eventful and craaaaazy busy. Yadumu Jewelry attended The Women’s Book Launch Event. Now let me tell you somethin’ somethin’ about the Women’s Book. It is an annually printed directory connecting all of the women-owned and operated businesses in the Columbus and Cincinnati metro area. Seasonally, they print a magazine highlighting some of the most powerful women in and around the Columbus area. Now that you have a little background, I can get into the dirty details and y’all will understand why I’m practically drooling right now!

Tonight was ridiculous! There were so many powerful women at the event tonight and my position as a volunteer had me smack dab in the middle (rubbin’ elbows even) with them. I met the founder of Cheryl & Co. Cookies (her company is single handed-ly responsible for my freshmen 15). Doneri met the CEO of Bob Evans’ wife! I met the VP of the Executive Board for Limited Brands.

And most importantly of all, the 2 ladies who pulled the whole event together and made magic tonight. Drum roll please!

Toni Cunnigham

Brilliant and Beautiful woman! She coordinated the event while still staying fly and looking as beautiful as ever!

And the woman of the hour: Takeysha Cheney

This is the woman, who 4 years ago had a vision of bringing professional women together.  Fast forward to today and she has created a network of women that spans all of the previously mentioned ladies and more. This women is puttin’ in werrrrk!!! And she has further  inspired me to keep up the hard work on this crazy idea called Yadumu Jewelry, because a few years ago the Women’s Book was just a crazy idea, but now it is a full fledged empire. I’m so proud of her! And I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with an organization such as hers! : D

So all gushing aside (I really do have girl crushes on all of these women though, lol), here’s a quick picture of what Doneri and I wore. It was a Little Black Dress Night.

There will be more pictures coming soon, even some professional pictures too!


Taylor  : D

Random moments of inspiration

I’ve just finished my first week of classes and I’m feeling a little ehck…. je ne sais pas. I just can’t explain it-I’m excited and nervous, and anxious and bummed. But I guess these feelings aren’t so unusual, I’m sure every student goes through this at the beginning of each school year.

I’m sitting at my work table looking through this window and feeling like a bum as I fill some orders.

This is what prompted me to snap a couple pictures to capture the moment. I was really drawn to the way the light was illuminating my work space and I hope they inspire you too…

Doneri and I just started this. We decided to fill a wall with all the things that make us feel inspired. This is an ongoing project, so stay tuned for more updates on the wall’s progress!

Hope classes and most importantly life are going well for y’all.

Taylor : D

Back to School soon…

And this is the music I’m listening to….

This is the mood I’m in as I realize that I have little over a week left before I go back to school. Imagine rain, melancholy, and a bittersweet Tango number at the end and that just about sums up how I feel.

Haha not really, I’m just a little overwhelmed at how much needs to get done this upcoming year. When did Life start happening so fast?

But guess what! The body suit came in!!! I love it. Not enough to ever drop $50 on something like it again but enough to want to wear it around and flaunt it off. However, I wanna keep it a secret until the shoot. Shh, don’t tell anyone, lol. So I’m not going to post proper pictures of it until Thursday.

Stay Tuned

P.S. I urge everyone to explore more of the musical genius of Nina Simone. That woman was one of the greatest musicians alive, influencing the likes of modern artists from Kanye West to Esperanza Spalding. Check her out. I promise you won’t regret it.

When you got a Passion…

…you damn sure better work your ass off for it.

Yes, I’m going to waive my pride and admit that I watched the Video Music Awards tonight. Yup Yup, I tuned in and it actually was not too bad. From Adele nearly bringing me (as well as most of the crowd) to tears, to Beyonce making the big announcement about her pregnancy it was a pretty decent night.

Performances and celebrities aside, what was on my mind was that through all of the glitz and glam, all those people on the screen were just that-people. Now more than ever; because of my jewelry business; I am realizing that all (most) of those people got to where they were because

1. They had the balls to commit to their dream and go through the grind without knowing the eventual outcome. This                                           means a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of Rice-A-Roni dinners, and a lot of loses and disappointment.

2. They had the right combination of perseverance, willingness to get down and dirty, and, of course, luck. For all those                               people we saw on the Awards tonight, there are about a million more who never will get that opportunity. But the key is,                                 even though they may never get the chance at an opportunity such as the band Young the Giant got in performing live                                     at the VMA’s, they still hustle on because it’s what they love. And as a side note, I had to mention Young the Giant                                             because you could see the absolute triumph all over the lead singers face and you could most definitely hear it in his                                       voice. That excites me to see people who love what they do and also get the opportunity to make it big in what they                                       do.

I guess in all of this, this post really has become more of an open letter to myself. I hope that in a few years, I can look back on this and smile because I never gave up on what I loved, especially since right now there is a lot of pressure on me to choose between what is the ‘right’ thing to do vs. following my passion.

The VMA’s had me reflecting back on my conversation with my Dad, wherein he told me that people stupidly hold on to things, even when it is taking them nowhere. That people need to learn to cut their loses and pursue careers that will actually bring home an income. I told him, that was ridiculous. If you love something enough, you’ll have the perseverance to ride the highs and the lows of it. He proceeded to tell me that I sounded just like he did when he was younger-an idealist. And that…

“When you grow up and have to put a roof over your head and feed yourself and maybe a family too, you’ll learn quickly that you’ll have to sacrifice some things and give up on things that aren’t working for you to make ends meet.”

Maybe I’m too young and not mature enough yet to really get the point of what he said, but what I read from his statement was that growing up is about  not pursuing dreams with full abandon. Maybe that sounds a little drastic and a lot more severe than what he was actually saying, but why would I give up on something I love. I believe that if you want something, you have to go for it and suffer the consequences. I have never understood when people commit to a goal or ‘say’ they want something really  bad, but then they either never take steps towards achieving their goal or give up at the first sign of resistance.

Life is hard. Life is miserable. And life will break you down if you let it.

But life is also beautiful, inspiring, and breathtaking and I refuse to let that slip by me.

So, here I am 650 words later feeling like another young yuppie going on about all my ideals in life. I am only 19. I know this and own this. But I’ve been alive long enough to know that I have to figure my shit out if I want to live my life, instead of just existing in it. And I have to believe, that if the likes of MLK can change the state of a nation based on ideals, I can do it too. He, along with countless others risked/lost their lives and fought the odds so that the realization of “I have a Dream” could one day come to be.  I always feel obligated to take full advantages of the life I have been granted. Especially with being a young black woman in college. Not so long  ago, that sentence would not have even been feasible.

And for that, I am grateful. : D

Thank you!