What I wore..

The Uniform

It was freezing cold this morning, to the point where there was frost on my car’s windows! So I figured it was time to pull out my fall staple-the leather jacket. But then of course this is Columbus, and the weather has to change every five minutes so the day ended with  blazing  80 degree temps and the jacket had to be quietly tucked back into my closet again… : (

I can’t wait for fall.

Shoes: GoJane, Skirt & Belt: F21, Shirt: GoJane, Glasses: Firmoo, Earrings: Yadumu, Bracelets: Gifts 

Today, I was not feelin’ it. You know those days where you wake up and feel some shade of gray (and no this is not some perverse reference to a certain book). This was one of those days, and while most people would reach for that favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt combination, I reach for my standard uniform. One cut off shirt and one maxi skirt for me please! If all else fails and the world were to end tomorrow, this would be my uniform till the very end. It’s comfortable, versatile, and I can play it up multiple ways. Perfect!

I do have to add though that today did end on a high note though. Meine vater took me out for a quality abendessen! Good luck translating that ; )

Hope you guys had a happy hump day and peace ; D


Monday’s Haze OOTD


Doneri and I went for a quick stroll through our neighborhood and we found this little courtyard.


So… I’m still learning the ins and outs of my new camera but I figured out double exposures the other day and have been going a little overboard with it!


Bracelets: Yadumu, Gift from my Sister, Gift from my Mother, Gift from Doneri. Watch: Betsey Johnson


Earrings: Yadumu


Top: GoJane, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Poetic License


Glasses: Firmoo


Hope y’all have a great week!

Peace ; D

The Women’s Book

Today has been wholly eventful and craaaaazy busy. Yadumu Jewelry attended The Women’s Book Launch Event. Now let me tell you somethin’ somethin’ about the Women’s Book. It is an annually printed directory connecting all of the women-owned and operated businesses in the Columbus and Cincinnati metro area. Seasonally, they print a magazine highlighting some of the most powerful women in and around the Columbus area. Now that you have a little background, I can get into the dirty details and y’all will understand why I’m practically drooling right now!

Tonight was ridiculous! There were so many powerful women at the event tonight and my position as a volunteer had me smack dab in the middle (rubbin’ elbows even) with them. I met the founder of Cheryl & Co. Cookies (her company is single handed-ly responsible for my freshmen 15). Doneri met the CEO of Bob Evans’ wife! I met the VP of the Executive Board for Limited Brands.

And most importantly of all, the 2 ladies who pulled the whole event together and made magic tonight. Drum roll please!

Toni Cunnigham

Brilliant and Beautiful woman! She coordinated the event while still staying fly and looking as beautiful as ever!

And the woman of the hour: Takeysha Cheney

This is the woman, who 4 years ago had a vision of bringing professional women together.  Fast forward to today and she has created a network of women that spans all of the previously mentioned ladies and more. This women is puttin’ in werrrrk!!! And she has further  inspired me to keep up the hard work on this crazy idea called Yadumu Jewelry, because a few years ago the Women’s Book was just a crazy idea, but now it is a full fledged empire. I’m so proud of her! And I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with an organization such as hers! : D

So all gushing aside (I really do have girl crushes on all of these women though, lol), here’s a quick picture of what Doneri and I wore. It was a Little Black Dress Night.

There will be more pictures coming soon, even some professional pictures too!


Taylor  : D

B-Day/ Labour Day BBQ

Yeah, I’m about to turn 20 and I’m celebrating it with my family. Don’t judge. ; )

Especially when I get to spend it with this little cutie.

This little bugger never stays still long enough for me to get a clear pic of him!

And these little snots! : D Honestly, I’m not really a kid person, but if we share blood, or you just happen to have to wormed your way into my heart (i.e. Justin) then I looovvvee spending the day playing around with you and am more than happy to spend my birthday party doing so. I’m just a big kid at heart afterall. ; D

Just a quick outfit post taken in my backyard. Taken by the 9 yr. old, talented Ms. Sass herself  ; D! I ended up taking the skirt off right after this pic so that I could eat dessert and have more room to expand (if you know what I mean ; ) 

And P.S. Yes, I will be having a grown up version of this party next week when I’m back on campus. Whoop whoop! Get ready for it!! ; D



Hair is Hereee

Hair by Carissa Johnson

This is what happened to my head. Isn’t it lovely!!! I’m obsessed with the knot and wish I had the patience and/or know-how to recreate it.

Hair by Carissa Johnson

Now that my hair is straight and all I have to do in the morning is roll outta bed and get goin, you would think (theoretically) that that would give me more time to be productive…. Ah…haha, more like, it gave me more time to ‘sleep in’ and chill this morning; a.k.a listening to vintage Outkast and Badu and reading through all of my beloved blogs instead of getting my lazy ass out of bed.

Hair by Carissa Johnson

Oh yeah, wait!!! Don’t wanna let y’all miss out on lil miss blondy up front!! I can’t wait to dye my actual hair blonde too..!

Sorry, I’m just too excited about this hair. The lady who does my hair is a friend of my cousin’s and has been doin’ it all my life, so I just tend to let her run wild with it. I love letting creative people run wild with their ideas. Who I am to stop ’em? Check her out by clicking on any of the pictures above.

Anyway, I finally did battle my way out of bed to be semi-productive. If only I had known that being semi-productive would mean chauffeuring my grandmother everywhere, I would have stayed curled up in my bed all day, (she’s a shopper by every definition of the word and can spend hours in a store, whereas I can’t stand that. I’m in, I’m out, and everything is good to go. Unless, I’m online shopping, of course ; D)

It wasn’t all bad though,  I found a new laptop bag to replace my broken (Goodwill FIND!!) leather case. It was good while it lasted, but this new one, I have a feeling, will be even better.

  I mean, it’s Cheetah print, for fuck’s sake. What can get better than that!?

On that note, I leave you with a kiss and a send off.

Until next time, chickadees!! : D



It’s about now, that I’ve realized that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. Sad, really because it  was a great outfit, lots of cheetah print and high waisted skirts, oh my! : (

It looked kinda like a a cross between this skirt…

Shirley of Meek N Mild


And this shirt

And this ass, cause I’ve got a whole lot more curves than this chica above me and possibly this chica below me too ; )


So what my outfit looked like aside, today was actually a pretty productive day. I visited a potential stockist and met it’s lovely owner Kim She’s from Chicago y’all!! I swear it was meant to be!! I’ll fill y’all in on the boutique a little more later on ; ). Filling orders took up another good chunk of my day and the icing to top off this day was letting my permit toting brother scratch my car… ; ( I really should have been paying better attention, but hey, what’s done is done….


So in the spirit of trying not to dwell on bad things, let’s focus on these lovely neck candies. This is a little sneak peak of what’s to come in our Fall/Winter lineup. I’m really excited for these little guys. They’re so much fun to make!


These vials come in all shapes and sizes!

Interested? Message us at yadumu@gmail.com. These candies are fully customizable and the perfect accessory for fall. : D