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Monday’s Haze OOTD


Doneri and I went for a quick stroll through our neighborhood and we found this little courtyard.


So… I’m still learning the ins and outs of my new camera but I figured out double exposures the other day and have been going a little overboard with it!


Bracelets: Yadumu, Gift from my Sister, Gift from my Mother, Gift from Doneri. Watch: Betsey Johnson


Earrings: Yadumu


Top: GoJane, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Poetic License


Glasses: Firmoo


Hope y’all have a great week!

Peace ; D


The 5 Best Things About This Week

I like to think of myself as a generally optimistic person so to celebrate this beautiful summer weather I wanted to start up this weekly roundup of the amazing people/opportunities/events/things that make me happy. When I was more active with my journaling, I used to write out this list every week, but I like the idea of blogging it better. I can put up pictures ; D! Anyway, here are the best things about my first week of summer.

  1. I GOT A KITTY!!!! His name is Smokey Robinson and all of us in the Yadumu Lair are already hopelessly in love with him.


2.     I made and sold my first dress design! It took nearly 30 hours but it was definitely a labour of love and I am so excited to know that my friend has been strutting her stuff in my dress all around Spain, (she’s studying abroad there this summer-so geeked for her!) If you’re interested in getting a dress of your own or want any item of clothes designed, message me up on the Yadumu FB page or at



3. I got the opportunity to assist an amazing local photographer and gained a new mentor. Her name is Ashley Ervin and she has become my #1 resource and connection into the Columbus’ fashion photography world. She started out in the industry as a plus-size model and made the transition to photography a few years ago. Please check out her work here, she’s amazing! Check out some behind the scenes pics. We had such a blast. and the couple she shot were beautiful together.




4.  GIRLS NIGHT IN becomes GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Made some new friends and chilled out at a house party. It was a pretty good night ; )





5. And finally, this last one is really random and silly, but it makes me happy. My business partner now gets 15% off at Michael’s because she’s a teaching intern for Freedom School. Hell yes! We’re in Michael’s all the time because of our jewelry business so this bit of news is epic! …for us at least, haha.

What are some things that made your week the best week ever?

Hi My Name is…

Whenever I find a new blog, I always bounce straight to their About Me section. I don’t know what it is (my mother says I’m too nosy), but I like getting a sense of the person behind the blog. Maybe it’s because I’m reading into their personal lives so I want a first date before we begin our official social media relationship. Who knows? All I know is that after reviewing my current About Me page, I realized it:

A)     came off sounding a little lackluster, and;

B)     I sound like some pretentious philosophical hipster (not that there’s anything wrong with being a hipster, mind you);

C)      And finally, it tells you nothing about me…

So on that note, I decided to let you guys in on five fun/random/interesting facts about myself.


First of all: Hi, My name is Taylor but I much rather prefer to go by Kalhu (shhh, she’s my femme-bitch online alter ego, lol)

And here are 5 fun facts about me….

1) I’ m a Uni student, currently studying Africana Studies and International Relations and Diplomacy. So far from the arts right? (But back in the day, I used to be an art major though).

2) I spent the majority of my childhood in Germany but I’ve lived everywhere from Florida to Oregon. 15ish different moves to over 12 states and countries and I’m only 20. I feel so blessed!

* fun fact, I grew up in a town called Angerbenden. It literally translates to angry elbow : D

3)  I LOOOOVE JEWELRY! I don’t know if that conveys the depths of my adoration, but I cannot go without jewelry. If I ever leave my house without, at least, a pair of earrings on all of my friends will give me the side eye and put a wide berth around me. They already know I’m having a crappy day. But never mind that, I think that’s only happened maybe 3 times in my *kidult life. I don’t play when it comes to my jewelry. Obviously so, as evidenced by my jewelry line Yadumu Jewelry.

 *I refuse to call myself an adult yet. Sometimes I feel like Peter Pan and “never wanna grow up!”

               4) Hmm, this is getting harder and harder but I guess I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret secret. I am a die-hard foodie! I love food, especially cooking; so you’ll probably see a lot of good eats on this blog. I also have a passion for Slow Food; taking the time to appreciate real food through luscious home-cooked meals. It’s the exact opposite of Fast Food. Y’all should definitely look into it. It puts a whole different perspective on your relationship with food.


This is what I had for breakfast this morning. Homemade yogurt topped with organic honey and fresh pomegranate-yum!

5) So this is my free for all clownin’ around answer but I’m ambidextrous. I am dominant in both my hands equally. Nifty little trick, right? It especially came in handy in high school with all those long ass hand written essays teachers used to push on us. Y’all remember those, right? What a pain.

Tada! This is me in a nutshell.

Now I want to learn more about you guys. Leave a comment and tell me 5 interesting things that describe who you are!

Peace ; )

Goodbye Monday, Hello Rest of the Week

Let me start off by saying that today has been a crazy productive day. I’m quite proud of myself, if I do say so myself. What i’m most proud, excited, geeked about is Yadumu Jewelry’s FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SALE!!! Check it out below!

Welcome to the Halik Circus. Home of every oddity that could ever be imagined to fit into tiny glass vials. So come one, come all to enjoy the show.

Yadumu Jewelry is running a 2 for the price of 1 deal. So you get 2 Halik Necklaces for $25

Buuut, if you like our FB page, you get an extra discount: 2 for just $20! We wanted to show our FB fam a little love. : D

Here’s a little sample of the goodies. I just can’t help but love these little kisses. They’re so cute, we had to bring them back for another season.

P.S. The word Halik is the Tagalog word for Kiss.

Hope you enjoyed! And don’t forget to check out the Sale here.

Oh and before I forget, we also made a little video vlog about these special cuties. Will post it as soon as we finish editing. Stay tuned!




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