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The Uniform

It was freezing cold this morning, to the point where there was frost on my car’s windows! So I figured it was time to pull out my fall staple-the leather jacket. But then of course this is Columbus, and the weather has to change every five minutes so the day ended with  blazing  80 degree temps and the jacket had to be quietly tucked back into my closet again… : (

I can’t wait for fall.

Shoes: GoJane, Skirt & Belt: F21, Shirt: GoJane, Glasses: Firmoo, Earrings: Yadumu, Bracelets: Gifts 

Today, I was not feelin’ it. You know those days where you wake up and feel some shade of gray (and no this is not some perverse reference to a certain book). This was one of those days, and while most people would reach for that favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt combination, I reach for my standard uniform. One cut off shirt and one maxi skirt for me please! If all else fails and the world were to end tomorrow, this would be my uniform till the very end. It’s comfortable, versatile, and I can play it up multiple ways. Perfect!

I do have to add though that today did end on a high note though. Meine vater took me out for a quality abendessen! Good luck translating that ; )

Hope you guys had a happy hump day and peace ; D


Monday’s Haze OOTD


Doneri and I went for a quick stroll through our neighborhood and we found this little courtyard.


So… I’m still learning the ins and outs of my new camera but I figured out double exposures the other day and have been going a little overboard with it!


Bracelets: Yadumu, Gift from my Sister, Gift from my Mother, Gift from Doneri. Watch: Betsey Johnson


Earrings: Yadumu


Top: GoJane, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Poetic License


Glasses: Firmoo


Hope y’all have a great week!

Peace ; D


Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

So, I started a vlog to talk about everything from my style to photography and druuuuuuum roll please; SEX! Every Friday I’m going to release an episode on my Youtube Channel talking about the non-traditional sides of sexuality, sex, and other such goodies. Are you excited, cause I’m excited!!! Sooo excited. But just wanted to update and also let you know that 30 Days of Breakfast has not been abandoned. I just lost the where abouts of all the pictures for them on my computer and am swimming through thousands of photos to find them.
Peace and Love!

B-Day/ Labour Day BBQ

Yeah, I’m about to turn 20 and I’m celebrating it with my family. Don’t judge. ; )

Especially when I get to spend it with this little cutie.

This little bugger never stays still long enough for me to get a clear pic of him!

And these little snots! : D Honestly, I’m not really a kid person, but if we share blood, or you just happen to have to wormed your way into my heart (i.e. Justin) then I looovvvee spending the day playing around with you and am more than happy to spend my birthday party doing so. I’m just a big kid at heart afterall. ; D

Just a quick outfit post taken in my backyard. Taken by the 9 yr. old, talented Ms. Sass herself  ; D! I ended up taking the skirt off right after this pic so that I could eat dessert and have more room to expand (if you know what I mean ; ) 

And P.S. Yes, I will be having a grown up version of this party next week when I’m back on campus. Whoop whoop! Get ready for it!! ; D



The Unveiling

Today I’m doing something a little different. I think I’m going to start doing more videos!